Thursday, 31 January 2013

What to Write , How to Write and Why to Write !!

It has been found that when we feel either elevated or depressed, we react irrationally i.e.paying pounds against sterlings.It has also been found that our behavior also plays a vital role in terms of its exhibition. The behavior thus is directly related to our emotions.The issue is-How to regulate and rationalize it.

-One of the tested way is to write about such emotions.

-Optimize it in terms of Gain /Loss

-Just read it twice or thrice

-Come in Demo Mode and observe

-Maximize the Gains

-Come in Playing Mode

-Win the race

One who handles emotions as above is better player of life compared to those who just start playing in PLAY MODE. Play mode means keeping gain and loss in advance thereby suppressing power of Now and spirit of KARMA.Ignoring this we attain sublime and melting stage.It also gives rise over-emotional conditions, and much of our mistakes and downfalls as in the cases of Rajat Gupta,Lance Armstrongthe disgraced cancer survivor turned cycling champion and philanthropist reportedly confessed in the recorded interview of using performance-enhancing drugs to win an unprecedented seven Tour de France. A highly decorated person like Colonel David Petraeus are the mere outcomes of being over-estimated, over-anxious, over-jealous, proud, greedy and stubborn.

Whenever we undergo any situation to handle,we put LAHASA which is a sticky juice of a small fruit found in deserts; this juice is used to repair torn Kites by kids in India, however LAHASA has a property to stick with unwanted dust/papers/dirt also.Likewise when we do KARMA, we lahasise it with outcomes i.e away frm true spirit of unattached KARMA.That is it!

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  1. Very true, can you please explain the"Lahasa" further?