Wednesday, 16 January 2013

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Sanjay Gupta Continuous discussion and a write direction to a meaningful cause is always inspiring. If I look back , the one who feels sufferings can only understand the pain of others, can really feel the Bhavnayen and show the right path. Jo Jala naheen, vo jalne ka dard kya samjhega....Goonge kee gati goonga jane......Behad achcha prayas hai aapka...keep the spirit high....

One of my friend asked me,"how writing can heal !"
During Discussion the thought provocative conclusion came out:

If you find that there is no joy,situation is difficult to face or there is no element of lightness in what you are facing and doing.Please don't infer that you you need to change what you are facing and doing.Just think: how you are doing it. This mere change frm WHAT to HOW keeps you away frm results of doing, meaning thereby you suddenly come in present. Use tool of writing sense of utility,quality,purpose and acceptance comes which inturn imparts"Present Moment Awareness(PMA)" . This PMA keeps you away from the fruits of action giving JOY and Happiness.
In Chapter2,verse 48.Shri Mad Bhagvat Gita:

योगस्थ : कुरु कर्मणि संड्ग त्यक्त्वा धननंजय ...

"y mail" identity not required

"can you please tell that how to resolve anxiety issue as I have several secrets, as my job requires it.For of this I am hesitant discussing with my co-workers that in lighter moments the secret may come-out..." MrY..frm a corporate

Help frm Healing By Writing:

Ya,I understand this, infect a common prob faced by many.Not to worry. Pls try as below:
It is not necessary for you to tell your secrets to someone else. Simply write about these secrets, even if u wish u destroy the writing immediately. Trust me the after affect of this simple act would have a positive effect on health and lessen your anxiety.
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